Saturday, 31 May 2014

Scrapbook : Layout

This is a scrapbook page I made quite some time ago.  It is a digital layout from freebies I got from various sites.  Thanks to you!  I love every bits of the pieces I used for this layout.  I have more series of pages from this event (wedding) and some are too big to be uploaded here so only the smaller sizes are selected to be online and that is because I resize them online.  

Two photos are used for this page of the same person from different perspective.  She is a fun and cheerful girl and I love how the photos manage to bring out that parts of her.  No more extra colour for this page.  She and her colourful personalities are well enough.  So what I used for this layout is faded purplish distorted paper as the background.  I want the page to be simple.  A few of smaller paper scraps of different colours and pattern are pasted below the photos.  Points of details about the girl are placed below the photos.  

The initial 'h' is the first alphabet of her name.  Hashtags are included as that is how I keep my scrapbook pages in contact with each other of the photos that come together with the same set.  A bit confusing tho (the way I write this hehe).

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