Friday, 28 March 2014

Print Your Insta Photos!

So, as I promised you from the previous entry, I'd like to share some sites that are awesome and good for us.  I am so excited that I found these sites.  They make us want to keep on capturing photos and uploading them on Instagram just so that we can print them out!    

 photo tumblr_mb6q2bYZG61qdlkyg_zpsa597dd5c.gif MONSTARGRAM

Five websites to print your Instagram photos

This is a three simple steps away to get your printed photos on your doorstep! The site is beautifully designed and personally I think it is cute.  The instructions are clear and easy.  We can make the payment via a lot of banks of your choice.  Monstagram works by connecting to our Instagram accounts, choose our desired photos and make payment before getting your photos in your hands.  So far, there are three products available for us; The Krinkle Kut, Coloroids, & Magnets.  There is a free delivery to customers from Malaysia.  :D 

Monstagram is born because conventional photo prints feel tired and out of touch with our generation of Instagramers. We’ve created this for you. Live life now. Let us crystallize it later.

For more information, free to visit them here.

 photo tumblr_mb6q2bYZG61qdlkyg_zpsa597dd5c.gifWEDOO

This one is a Malaysian-based site.  A lot of printing formats to choose from.  You need to sign up and log in to make a purchase.  Some product may need you to download the software into your computer so you can have your photos in your own way.  I made an order last time and I like it!  

I ordered this as a birthday gift.
Visit here.

 photo tumblr_mb6q2bYZG61qdlkyg_zpsa597dd5c.gif PRINSTAGRAM

This is super nice site.  It offers a lot of products.  It ships internationally.  You would find all the things you need to know at the home site.  

Visit them here.

 photo tumblr_mb6q2bYZG61qdlkyg_zpsa597dd5c.gif ORIGRAMI

This is founded by a Sydney married couple and it was born to combine the two passions of origami+instagram.  I like the idea!  It offers worldwide shipping and has a lot of products to choose from.  

Visit them here.

For more:source
And yeah, if you would like to print your own photos, you would need to download your photos first.  Check this site out for the instruction.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tips: Food Photography

(so this is clearly not mine, I am just sharing this great post!)
1. Get as much natural light in the picture as you can. Make sure to turn the automatic flash off when you are getting ready to take a picture, the flash will ruin a perfectly pretty photo! You may need to move your dish toward a window or even take it outside to get enough pretty light in your photograph. And, this also means you have to plan ahead a little-if your dinner won't be ready until 7pm but the sun goes down at 6:30pm, sadly you probably won't be able to get a well lit picture. So make sure you cook or bake with enough daylight hours left.

2. Think about the whole image, not just the food. Pay attention to what kind of background you are shooting by. You may want to move your dish over slightly if something weird or unsightly is showing in the background (like a sink full of dirty dishes!). And think about your plates, bowls, silverware and other 'props' as you photograph. If you've just made a delicious looking salad you may not necessarily want to photograph it on a green plate, as the colors may clash and not look as pretty as other colors would look when paired together.

3. Try different angles. Some of my very favorite food photos were taken while I was standing on a chair directly above the dish I was photographing. You may feel a bit silly standing on a chair in your kitchen while 
taking pictures of a loaf of bread, but try different angles as much as possible. You'll be glad you did!

4. Fill the entire frame. You may want to frame your dish slightly off center, but this should be an artistic choice you have made and not an accident! Pay attention to what you can see in the image as you photograph. You may need to back up or move in toward the food, depending on your lens. You don't want to get so close that you can't tell what the food is, but you don't want a ton of negative space either.

5. Garnish, drizzle and take a bite! Don't forget to add a few sprigs of cilantro to the top of your curry. Drizzle on a little glaze just before photographing those cinnamon rolls. And, after you've take a few pictures, take a bite or slice a piece off so the photo looks like the food is in the process of being eaten. All these little details can really make a picture pop and give it that little extra interest that it wouldn't otherwise have. Have fun and try different things!

Aren't they coolest photos?  Great tips & Love them all.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Doodle Art



These are not mine

So these are called doodle art.  They can be one full page, colourful and awesome.  To doodle you can express yourself and the best part is that it is a fun thing.  If you are a doodler check this post out as this might trigger and inspired you & if you are not and never would have thought that doodling are not a serious art form, check this out too :D 

According to Wiki, a doodle is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Here is a list for you to get start with & for you to follow if you like to :

And yeah, you can apply your doodle skill to make a scrapbook page & you might have something that looks like this:

haven't made books like this since highschool - after reading happiness project need to start again - maybe blog?

doodling / scrapbooking / get it scrapped.