Saturday, 31 May 2014

Scrapbook : Layout

This is a scrapbook page I made quite some time ago.  It is a digital layout from freebies I got from various sites.  Thanks to you!  I love every bits of the pieces I used for this layout.  I have more series of pages from this event (wedding) and some are too big to be uploaded here so only the smaller sizes are selected to be online and that is because I resize them online.  

Two photos are used for this page of the same person from different perspective.  She is a fun and cheerful girl and I love how the photos manage to bring out that parts of her.  No more extra colour for this page.  She and her colourful personalities are well enough.  So what I used for this layout is faded purplish distorted paper as the background.  I want the page to be simple.  A few of smaller paper scraps of different colours and pattern are pasted below the photos.  Points of details about the girl are placed below the photos.  

The initial 'h' is the first alphabet of her name.  Hashtags are included as that is how I keep my scrapbook pages in contact with each other of the photos that come together with the same set.  A bit confusing tho (the way I write this hehe).

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review : Journalling Solutions For Scrapbooks

I bought a book from Creating Keepsakes entitled as above.  This book is published by Leisure Arts in Arkansas.  This product is manufactured under license for Creative Crafts Group, LLC., Creative Crafts Group Company, publisher of Creating Keepsakes® scrapbook magazine.  This detail might be useful if you want to get one copy for yourself and also to clear any confusion occurred about this book.  Some of us might known the Creating Keepsake stuffs and all.  Love them!

I bought in at the last Big Bad Wolf event and I was excited that I managed to buy such book.  This is one out of other big box of books I bought.  I bought it for the sake of both enhancing my journalling skill and also for the assignment I have to finish on.  

This book tells you that if you are ever feel puzzled when it comes to make a journalling behind every photos, you are not alone & that is why you have to own this book.  I think it is a great helper for the beginners especially, and to whoever wants to try some new approaches we will find the answers in the book.  The writers gathered together anything we need to know from the very basic things to journalling.  It is easy to follow and inspiring.

The book is filled with coloured pages and inspiring scrapbook pages of different owners.  Not only we can refer to journalling tips but we can also refer to the layout pages and inspired by them and make some of your own.  I love the layout of the whole presentation of this book. It is a 287 pages thick and paperback cover.  It consists of four chapters and one section of 'printable quotes for scrapbooks'. 

Whenever I try to write something I will make sure to refer to this book.  What fonts should I use, how big should I make, how to make it simpler but compact with info and etc.  Useful and fun tips and tricks as well as other advises.
Front cover page

Colored pages

Tips and tricks

I would recommend this to anybody who wants to up grade their journalling skill.  It is so inspiring and helpful!  I hope they produce more books from time to time.  I bet they are because this book was published in 2011.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Tips : Photo Booth

Nowadays, when we talk about occasional events like parties, and especially weddings here in Malaysia (we don't really organize big birthday parties here, though, some did), photo-booth instantly come into our minds. People loves taking photos of everything now and who would want to miss such moments, weddings of family members, daughters, sons, best friends and of course of their own weddings.  Whenever we go to a wedding ceremonies or even seeing others' photos on our FB wall, we can see a lot of photo-booth shots.  

Photo-booth is a place where people poses for fun and have their photographs taken by a cameraman or we can simply do selcas (I used to this term more than the 'selfie' term).  Some weddings, they prepared at least one photo-booth but some just use the bridal bed for photographs session for the guests.  Originally, this is the photo-booth (see below, captioned with 'photo-booth).  The one which we usually see in western movies.  Isn't nice?  I love it, and then your taken photos will instantly come out in strips and you can keep them in your wallet or paste them on your mirror.  
In wedding events, we call it 'photo-booth' as well but not the real photo-booth is used as shown above but I don't really know why we haven't come up with another name, but I think this is fine too, it works the same way but only difference is that you have to print the photos back at home yourself.  'Photo-corner' might as well work, just a thought.

First things first~
Firstly, we need to pick a theme.  This is easy, just go for the wedding's theme.  But, you can always be creative and wild and be bold, but still take into consideration with the whole wedding's theme so it will blend very nicely.  So, let say I pick a purple as the colour theme.  Then, you might want to check for various colour combinations.  

Purple Color Combinations
colour combo here
Secondly, what we need in a photo-booth is a backdrop of your choice is important because we want a clean, nice-looking background, so there will be less interruptions of random strangers captured in our photos as well.  Also, having a nice, pretty backgrounds will make us feel like we are in a photo shoot session and sometimes we even feel like we are in a studio.  Your photos will come out more clean and organized.  If it is indoor, pick a wall (good for a support too) so it will be easier for us to hang some stuffs or simply to paste something.  For a backdrop, we can hang some cloths, like curtains or paste any deco directly on the plain walls.  Be creative.

Then, the most interesting part is the embellishment!  Have the desired photo-booth illusion in our mind and make it alive!  We can always draw them in a paper first for others to see.  Do not fuzz over on using expensive materials.  Cheap stuffs are always the best for this.  It is you that can make them look expensive.  Use your creativity and browse on DIY stuffs on the internet for inspirations.  Decide on what to put or what to hang and etc.

Paper lights
If seen from the above photo, it has a purple colour combo as the theme! A wall is used for the photo-booth and a curtain rail is installed to the ceiling so curtains can be hung from there.  A white wooden bench is placed in the middle of the set.  (you may ignore the bunga telur there) Balls of paper lights and of different sizes are used.  In each of the lights, butterflies and sakura plant are glued to them.  White fabric divider is set at the side of the set and green grass-like carpet is used for the floor (I wish it would be bigger than that :) )  And this photo was taken from wider perspective so I can show you the set as a whole.  You can see many fans down there!

Then, the props! This is the most fun part!  Hahaha! Props can be either funny faces cut out on a stick, cool phrases painted on small signboards, cool hats and etc.  I'd prefer to use only signboards with cool and funny phrases on them.  I prefer less on the funny faces stuffs because our faces will be distracted and yeah I cannot see the pretty faces.

the signs!
Some cannot be seen from here, I made these with my cousins and sister.  We used cardboard box cards for these and wide ice cream sticks as the handles.  We did some moustaches too, though and they are made from polyester felt.  The frame is made of two same sized cardboard and tied randomly and aggressively with two types of string, one is rough textured and the other softer and then glued with another cardboard so it would be tougher.  Some were also cut out from leftover boxes and we used mural and acrylic paints to write phrase on them.

Finally, we need people!  Make sure to capture the images within the set and with proper lighting you will create nice and decent photos!

Group shot
Family potrait
Closer group shot
Head shot with prop
Head shot without prop
whole body shot
We can also use only the prop & without the backdrop

Toddlers will make a great scene out of this
With frame

Kids with props
The whole photo-booth@photo-corner set

Photos are from my private collection.