Saturday, 24 May 2014

Posing in Comfort~

My friends will be going for an audition by the end of this month.  They are auditioning for modelling casting somewhere in the capital city and they invited me to come along as a friend to help them (yeah of course not for me to audition hehe). 

For the past few weeks I've been helping them a little on photograph tips and we work together.  They need to prepare a portfolio for the audition.  Sometimes I help them take photos and as students we could only afford inexpensive basic digital camera (including phones) so we just play along with it~

While photo-shooting was taking place, as a cameraman, I need to ensure that they are comfortable with themselves and also to the cameraman.  Generally, they need to be comfortable at photo session so pretty photos can be captured.  From this, it helps me to identify what can make them comfortable during the session.  As a normal people with least expertise in this field, I did find something worth learning and practised.

  • First thing first, get a little Q&A session with them.  But normally with friends, it comes naturally. They'll tell you what they want and sometimes they will ask you on what to do now, then you would just instruct them.  Then, I guess they need to be comfortable with they are wearing.  Maybe we can help them rearrange the attire and the acc. If their hijab is a little bit off, tell them or help them fix it instantly.
  • Help them with the poses.  Some can do just fine and they are bold enough.  With beginners or anyone that asks for help, you can start by asking them to try few poses they've seen on magazines or blogs, etc.  Find their good angles and work with different perspectives.  Ex: Ask them to chin up, or maybe move a little bit to other side or even help them with footing! 
  • Compliment.  When they did fine and nice poses, compliment that behaviour.  This will motivate them and put the stress away.  Let them be themselves and play along with them.  Ask them to just move and capture when nice poses are spotted.  
  • Stay quiet.  Sometimes, I do this.  With camera in my hands and the subject in front of me, they'll eventually knows what to do.  I just smile (honest ones!) or nod when they did something worth captured.
  • Candids.  For this, I guess we have to try keeping the camera in my hand so I wouldn't miss any shots.  Even though the session is resting but the camera should not.  Natural emotions normally would be captured.

Easy to work with her as she knows how to pose.  Photo by me & edited by her

Things I should consider in the future session~
  • I should try directing them without asking them to pose too!  Maybe ask them to repeat what they were doing again and again.  The poses wouldn't always be the same but similar and that will help me getting a great shot and by this I believe they will be loosen up bit by bit.
  • Give a demonstration.  I can show what pose I want and demo it instantly.  I can also show them photos of others and ask them to give it a try,
  • Work with the best 3 eyelines.  Ask them to look at the light source, look down to your body and the third, to look at me.  <-- Reference: Christa Meola

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