Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review : Journalling Solutions For Scrapbooks

I bought a book from Creating Keepsakes entitled as above.  This book is published by Leisure Arts in Arkansas.  This product is manufactured under license for Creative Crafts Group, LLC., Creative Crafts Group Company, publisher of Creating Keepsakes® scrapbook magazine.  This detail might be useful if you want to get one copy for yourself and also to clear any confusion occurred about this book.  Some of us might known the Creating Keepsake stuffs and all.  Love them!

I bought in at the last Big Bad Wolf event and I was excited that I managed to buy such book.  This is one out of other big box of books I bought.  I bought it for the sake of both enhancing my journalling skill and also for the assignment I have to finish on.  

This book tells you that if you are ever feel puzzled when it comes to make a journalling behind every photos, you are not alone & that is why you have to own this book.  I think it is a great helper for the beginners especially, and to whoever wants to try some new approaches we will find the answers in the book.  The writers gathered together anything we need to know from the very basic things to journalling.  It is easy to follow and inspiring.

The book is filled with coloured pages and inspiring scrapbook pages of different owners.  Not only we can refer to journalling tips but we can also refer to the layout pages and inspired by them and make some of your own.  I love the layout of the whole presentation of this book. It is a 287 pages thick and paperback cover.  It consists of four chapters and one section of 'printable quotes for scrapbooks'. 

Whenever I try to write something I will make sure to refer to this book.  What fonts should I use, how big should I make, how to make it simpler but compact with info and etc.  Useful and fun tips and tricks as well as other advises.
Front cover page

Colored pages

Tips and tricks

I would recommend this to anybody who wants to up grade their journalling skill.  It is so inspiring and helpful!  I hope they produce more books from time to time.  I bet they are because this book was published in 2011.

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